Electrologic was established in 2001 and has been actived in the field of engineering of industrial projects. Gradually,the activities approached for the oil ,gas ,petrochemical,and power industries and project association with leader foreign companies. Now Electrologic is qualified company in project management,engineering,procurement,construction and maintenance Electrologic has proceeded and built a proven record of success and reliability because it has always dedicated itself to helping its clients to meet their total goals.

Experiences is now a good partner for clients and foreign engineering and construction contractors to respond to this need.

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Managing projects with well qualified control projects and engineering softwares in the field of expediting now give us a reputable position in market. Engineering including process and equipment design ,procurement of materials and equipment,electrical and instrument systems will be handled by Electrologic.

Construction of plants,pipelines,industrial factories and power plants with cooperation of qualified construction constractors and/or foreign contractors is now our activity. Maintenance and modifying the plants to relieve bottle necks and to enhance the productivity in operation plants are other fields of Electrologic activies. Electrologic with the latest engineering knowledge and total management,well knowing the local market material suppliers and manufacturers with reputable background is now in a position to manage EPC projects. Projects management by dividing and distributing of project activities and materials procurement between well qualified local and international manufacturer and suppliers is the main activity of Electrologic Electric Automation.


We'll do everything we can to make our next best project!